Our People

At Thaicom, we are always looking for talented, passionate people to join our family as we strive to be a leading Asian satellite operator.


Thaicom is a family. We face challenges and celebrate victories together. Every single member of our family is important and plays an essential role in Thaicom’s success. We want to make sure that our family is strong, healthy, and close-knit. That is why we constantly strive to maintain a safe and inclusive workplace environment where relationships flourish and people feel appreciated. We learn from each other, cheer for each other, and push each other to grow into the best that we can be, both as individuals—professionals, coworkers, leaders, friends, parents, children, citizens—and as an organization.

Growing Together

If we want to lead in the satellite and communications industries, we need to be equipped—both as an organization and as individuals—to adapt to our changing world and to drive innovations that will shape the world for the next generation. The ability to learn is key. We see every experience as a learning opportunity and encourage our people to share and reflect on their learning regularly, both formally and informally. Beyond traditional classroom training, we encourage individuals and teams to take on challenges and solve problems in new ways. We believe that trying new things and working toward stretch goals pushes us to develop in ways that simply listening to a lecture never could.

Creating Community

At Thaicom, we aren’t just coworkers—we are family. As family, it is important that we enjoy quality time together and have opportunities to share memories outisde of the meeting room. Each year, we have a number of holiday events (including our New Year’s party, which is always a hit) as well as an overnight staff outing. We also sponsor football, badminton, yoga, photography, and other clubs so employees can enjoy their hobbies with others who share their interests. For those with a giving spirit, we hold blood drives, charity events, and other volunteer activities. There are opportunities for everyone to take part in the Thaicom community outside of day-to-day office routines.

Personnel Development and Training

To develop people and drive the organization toward its vision of being a leading satellite operator, Thaicom maintains plans for supporting and developing the knowledge and capabilities of employees appropriately for their respective career paths and to prepare them to grow into positions of greater responsibility. Plans for development and training are based on needs assessed through a variety of perspectives as outlined below:

Organizational needs: Determined based on business directions, strategies, policies, and performance at the organizational level, as well as executives’ opinions. Information is gathered through sources such as the annual strategic direction plan, the manpower planning process, the Company’s core values, and the Corporate Governance Policy.

Competencies: Determined by the demands of employees’ roles and responsibilities.

Performance appraisal: Results from the annual performance appraisal discussions between employees and their supervisors are used to assess employee strengths and opportunities and subsequently to develop appropriate personnel development plans that will support employees in achieving their targets.

The Company also strives to achieve a balance between work and development, combining various learning approaches to accommodate varying employee levels, roles, and learning styles. Development tools are provided to employees through 2 basic approaches:

  1. Learning from others through trainings/seminars, on-the-job training and job assignments, rotations, practical experience, and observation
  2. Self-learning through the e-learning system, Company library, and Thaicom Knowledge Management System

Apart from short-term training, the Company also encourages further education by providing scholarships for employees to pursue masters-level study at both Thai and foreign universities (Top 10). Scholarships are provided for fields that address the Company’s present and future business needs and in which experts are few, such as satellite communications engineering, systems design, and management.

To support executives in their role of leading the organization to successful achievement of business targets, the Company maintains an executive development plan that includes leadership and management courses hosted by leading organizations both in Thailand and abroad. The Company also arranges for regular knowledge-building activities to encourage executives to expand their knowledge of management-related topics and build relationships with other leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Succession Planning and Talent Development

As the field of satellite technology is highly specialized, Thaicom requires expert personnel with very specific skill sets and extensive technical knowledge. Such people are difficult to find in the Thai workforce. As such, the Company must often hire people with knowledge and skill sets similar to those needed, then develop the employee through expert training to meet the demands of the position, which may take up to 2 years. Even managerial and other types of supporting roles require multi-faceted knowledge and understanding of a highly technical and specialized business. Since Thaicom operates both in Thailand and abroad, executives and employees must not only be highly knowledgeable in their field, but also possess an understanding of differences in the cultures, laws, and regulatory environments of the various countries in which Thaicom operates.

Losing an employee in a critical position will significantly impact the Company’s operations. To prevent problems that could arise from lacking personnel to fill key positions, as well as position that may be needed in the future, the Company has developed a succession plan.

Human Resources

Thaicom Public Company Limited
63/21, Rattanatibet Road, Nonthaburi 11000

Tel: +66 2-596-5060
Ext. 8430-8439, 5074-5076

Fax: +66 2-596-5060

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